Why E-Cigs are Better For You Than Regular Tobacco Cigarettes

E cigarettes have been getting rave reviews and a ton of attention lately for the many benefits researchers claim they produce avid smokers. For years experts have been trying to convince smokers how dangerous their habit is and how great of an impact it can have on the body. Studies have shown and proven that smoking can decrease your life span while increasing the risk of various illnesses, including lung cancer, breast cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, and so on. Although smoking is a known fact for damaging the organ and brain cells, smokers still can’t seem to quit. This is why people have been recommended to switch to e cigarettes as soon as possible so that they can reduce the risks tobacco cigarettes cause.

The Benefits Of Switching To E Cigarettes

E cigarettes have been shown to offer so many life changing benefits. Basically, an e cigarette contains none of the additives and chemicals of the regular tobacco cigarette. Regardless of how often you may smoke e cigarettes, you will not be at risk to any of the health risks of regular smoking. A single tobacco cigarette contains thousands of chemicals that damages the body’s natural function, and eventually, it will start creating illnesses that will alter your life for good. E cigarettes however contain none of those bad risks, but it still offers the amazingly satisfying sensations of regular cigarettes. An e cigarette looks and feels like a regular cigarette, while it contains nicotine and tastes like regular tobacco smoke.

The main benefit to tobacco cigarettes is that they don’t have any disgusting smells like regular tobacco cigarettes. In fact, you can get an e cigarette with certain scents including bubble gum, mint, strawberry, and so on. E cigarettes can also be smoked at numerous areas including the mall, restaurant, and other indoor areas where regular tobacco cigarettes would be restricted to use. The benefits to switching to e cigarettes are quite infinite, but the longer you don’t make the switch, the longer you won’t be able to receive its many life changing benefits.

Different Types Of E Cigarettes

There are many brands that manufacture and retail e cigarettes. Some of the popular brands include Green Smoke, Blu Cigs, V2 Cigs, White Cloud, South Beach Smoke, Pure Cigs, and Safe Cigs. The regular electronic cigarette however can be purchased from all these brands and is most preferred by the experienced vapers. This e cig has three basic parts that could easily be taken apart. There is a separate compartment in the battery called the atomizer which is the cartridge made for the e-juice. It also contains its own USB charger so it won’t ever lose power. Regardless, the e cigarette you purchase will come with a guide on how to use all of its features and functions.

When buying your e cigarettes, simply just read its online reviews written by actual users so that you can discover whether it’s the right one for you. Continue buying new e cigarettes until you find one that perfectly suits your needs.

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