The Benefits Of Switching To E Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes are highly popular nowadays because of how many benefits they claim to offer. Traditional tobacco cigarettes for years have been proven to cause various health conditions including breast, bladder, parkinson’s, and lung disease. There is no doubt that smoking tobacco cigarettes are bad for your health, but it seems that not many people actually have the willpower to quit the addictive components in regular cigarettes. This is why e cigarettes were created so that avid smokers can finally quit the dangerous additives of tobacco smoke without having to deprive themselves from nicotine.

What Are E Cigarettes?

E cigarettes are basically electric cigarettes where you won’t inhale smoke but vapor instead. They are high-tech devices that were made to emit doses of vapor nicotine. These devices are battery-operated and emits non-nicotine vaporized solutions. Unlike cigarette smoke, e cigarettes do not harm the health in any way. They were made by numerous manufacturers so that people can be able to quit their digusting habit without having to sacrifice their nicotine addiction. Tobacco smoke has been proven to contain over 4,000 different hazardous chemicals that can damage the health in various ways. Studies have proven that every time you inhale a single cigarette, the chemicals damage the brain cells in less than 5 seconds. Every cigarette you smoke, you lose six seconds off of your life. E cigarettes have proven to help a number of people quit cigarette smoking with ease.

The Benefits To Switching To E Cigarettes

– Eco Friendly

One of the main benefits to electronic cigarettes is the fact that they happen to be highly eco friendly. Since a single regular cigarette takes months to decompose, it will slowly pollute the earth. On top of that, the cigarette butts take years to decompose resulting in the cigarette hurting the environment. If you care about the earth and environment, then you must consider to switch to vaporized e cigarettes from now on.

– No Harmful Smells

Another benefits these e cigs offer is no offensive and harmful smells. Studies and research have proven that people who live with cigarette smokers are just as at risk to lung cancer as the actual smoker. Second hand smokers can attain lung cancer and various other illnesses even if they never smoked in their life. If you live with people you love, bare in mind that you aren’t just harming your health but theirs as well. Since these cigarette alternatives don’t have harmful smells, certain malls and restaurants allow people to smoke them.

On top of all these superior benefits, switching to e cigarettes will greatly lower down your insurance costs as well. You will be able to get much cheaper insurance rates because regular tobacco smokers are prone to many illnesses. Once you switch to e cigarettes, you will be able to receive all the benefits above and quit your addictive habit. Quitting this habit can finally be much easier and faster when you finally don’t have to withdraw yourself from nicotine and the satisfying sensations of cigarette smoking.

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