Our Customers Three Favorite E-Cig Brands

E-cigs or the e-cigarettes are one of the ways in which smokers who are trying to quit smoking satisfy their nicotine cravings. The E-cig comes in a variety of brands, all of which have different reviews. The following is a list of the top 3 brands of e-cigs preferred by customers.

  1. V2cigs

These cigs are attractively and professionally packaged. The size of its pack is similar to that of the ordinary cigarettes. Inside the pack, the batteries are covered with foam to protect them from damage.

Speaking of batteries, the V2 batteries are small and durable. They also come in a variety of colors and the user can choose between the automatic or the operated battery.

The V2 cigs also come in a variety of flavors such as vanilla, menthol, chocolate, sahara, cherry, peppermint, V2 red and congress. These flavors were made to suit the various tastes of different users. In addition, the cigs come with different nicotine strengths. For instance, the full strength contains 1.8% nicotine; medium contains 1.2% nicotine while light contains 0.6% nicotine.

The V2 cigs come with 6 different starter kits and they include: the ultimate kit, the traveler’s kit, the couple’s kit, the standard kit, economy kit and the express kit.

  1. Apollo cigs

They come in simple yet elegant packets. The packets are clear and allow you to see exactly what is contained inside. The starter package comes with a car and wall charger. The kit also comes with many other accessories that meet the user’s needs.

The Apollo cigs come with durable and powerful batteries. The batteries are known to last for at least 200 drags; allowing for the user to enjoy the e-cig longer. For those who are concerned about the density of the vapor, Apollo e-cigarettes offer ample amount of vapor. They also have three different levels of nicotine.

The flavors are also varied. Apollo has tried to come up with different flavors that are fruity and exotic. Some of the flavors include: cherry, chocolate, cappuccino, mango peach, green apple, and French vanilla. For those that prefer the traditional flavors, they can opt to go for the tobacco flavor.

  1. EverSmoke

This brand of e-cigarettes is relatively new to the market but it has still managed to receive some positive feedback from users. The packaging is presentable and appealing. The pack contains a starter kit with 5 items. They include: a user manual, a wall charger, USB charger, an e-cig battery and 5 nicotine cartridges. EverSmoke also offers a few other disposable cigs that are conveniently and attractively packed in boxes.

The batteries offer long lasting charge and have been considered to be the highest performing batteries. The batteries come in sleek sizes and designs; a factor that makes them appealing to most people.

EverSmoke e-cigarettes have an elevated volume of vapor thanks to the built-in atomizer that produces high levels of vapor. Every new e-cig comes with a new atomizer. This e-cig comes in six different flavors. They include: cherry crush, peppermint party, coffee creation, cool menthol, very vanilla, and tobacco. This wide range of flavors is what makes this particular brand of e-cigs appeal to most users.

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